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Massa Hotel


Mass Al Alamin Hotel is one of the biggest ones that we work in, as we make the fuel control system and make BMS system with JV with a sister company in more than 1200 rooms per building, we have seven buildings in the project, the project contain Schneider KNX system in the guest room (RMS room management system) that control lighting, shutters, blinds and others, KNX system integrated with Schneider BMS platform, BMS also connected and integrated with PLC system, PMS (Property Management System), and other system exist in the hotel.

Project Details

BMS systems contain graphics that enable users to control and monitor all guest room features connected to the system, history, and security levels are very important to manage the login process between users with different permissions and authorities.

Power Management and energy saving one of the important roles of the BMS system of the hotel and this role is the sequence of operations that implement charts and trends that enable monitor, tracking, and making decisions to achieve desired power consumption.